Sound Portrait l Part 3 – Reflection

For my upcoming JRNL102 Assessment I have decided to continue using the cinema theme. Working at a cinema myself, there are many sounds and experiences that I have become accustomed. Through my sound portrait I hope to be able to evoke that feeling you get when walking into the cinema. I want my audience to feel like they can smell the popcorn and taste their coke when they listen, reminding them how great going to the cinema can be.

I’ve chosen the cinema I work at, ‘The Roxy Cinema Complex’, not only because I have a connection with it myself but the building is very old, just celebrating it’s 80th birthday. My colleague Mason is one of the longest working employee’s and therefore I have chosen him to interview for the portrait. After working at the cinema for more than 5 years he has a very strong connection with the cinema and I feel that after working at the cinema for so long, his story of the cinema experience will help the audience feel a sense of connection.

To do this I am going to use mostly ambient sounds like popcorn, pouring drinks and people talking in the foyer to create the real feeling of being at the movies. This cut with my interview with Mason hopefully will create and uplifting feeling with the audience.

My purpose isn’t necessarily to tell a new story, but tell a simple everyday story that is relatable and made special.


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