“Pick of the Week”: VICE Talks Film with George Miller

If you haven’t seen ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, I feel like I need to be suspicious of you…

Thankfully I understand that people have lives, and I have the added bonus of working at a cinema, which probably has something to do with my new found fascination with George Miller’s latest film. I am in love with this movie – and considering my disinterest in cars, I feel like that’s saying something.

I’m aware that plenty of people have mixed feeling about the latest Mad Max: ‘it isn’t like the old ones’, ‘there’s no Mel Gibson’, ‘it’s filmed in Africa’, ‘it’s one big car chase’… But at the same time it what George Miller has managed to capture has to be acknowledged. It is unbelievable to watch.

Recently George Miller spoke with ‘Vice’ in their first installment of VICE Talks Film – a new series in which they speak to talented and creative minds in the movie world, discussing their work and “how they’re seeking to push the boundaries of the medium”.

Check out the interview discussing the 17 years it took to finish ‘Max Max: Fury Road’, as well as the new characters, stunts, creation of the Wasteland, and feminism. This is my “Pick of the Week”:

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“Pick of the Week”: The Weekly on Foreign Aid

The ‘Federal Budget‘, which was released this week, is promising “jobs, growth and opportunity”.

Who’s excited…?

For me, it isn’t apathy. I care about how the government is spending our money. It’s just, I haven’t been fooled by the new interactive media on the budget website – I feel like once again a large part of Australia is going to be disappointed with how our money is spent.

After the release of the budget this week, and as my upcoming politics essay loomed closer, I began to do some research on Australia’s foreign aid and one fact became very clear: Australia is not giving as much as we think we do, and Joe Hockey proposes we cut what little we do give.

Not with me? Well also this week ‘The Weekly’s’ Charlie Pickering unpacked the debate on whether or not we should cut foreign aid. Take a look – this is my “Pick of the Week”:

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