Philosophy of Journalism Statement

The question, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” never worried me – not in the way it worries most people. For myself, I’ve always been fairly confident with what I’ve wanted to do – I wanted to be a writer. But when I was eleven years old, I decided that my ideas weren’t good enough – so I wanted to become a Journalist.
Initially, I was only interested in print journalism. However as I spent more and more time in the car, driving to and from school, I discovered that radio had become a new friend and new passion of mine.

Triple J’s Hack has continued to be one of my favourite sources of news and debate. Aimed as youth program, Hack focuses on trending news stories and issues, often providing conflicting opinions and encouraging listeners to participate in the discussion via mobile phones and social media.

Working for Hack, or a similar program, is something, which I am aspiring towards. I have a strong belief that youth programs, such as this, are incredibly important – they urge teens and young adults to have a well-informed opinion. I would love to have the opportunity to build and challenge people’s opinions through my work.

Ideally, by the end of my first year in Journalism, I’ll be awarded with a neon sign, surrounded by fluorescent flashing lights and this sign will proclaim whether I should focus on print or radio. But I am quite certain that this isn’t going to happen. The only reason I keep hoping this will happen, is because making that choice myself, makes me scared.

Like so many jobs there is plenty about Journalism that I’m worried about. I scared of job instability and rejection. I’m scared that my job will take me away from my relationships, friends and family. I’m scared I won’t be smart enough or that I’ll get ‘stuck’ in a mundane job. But worst of all I’m scared that after almost six years of wanting to become a Journalist and three years at University, that I’ll change my mind…

I’m hoping this wont happen.

I want to be a journalist because I want to share stories. I want to travel and meet new people, go to places I’ve never been to and have new experiences. I want to inspire and inform while still having the chance to be learning myself. I want to have fun and have a rewarding career. I want a job where I can work in both print and radio.

I want to work for the ABC or SBS – or both. I’m hoping that, by obtaining a large amount of work experience, I’ll be able increase my chances of obtaining and internship. Ideally this internship would advance me as a more employable candidate.

So how am I going to achieve this?

Experience. Experience. Experience.

IMG_9822As I would love to work in radio, and know very little about how it’s done, I recently decided to become a member of my local Community Radio Station – Triple U FM. This has allowed me the opportunity to run my own radio program once a week. Although I’m mostly very nervous and rusty, it’s something I’ve never done before and I know the skills I’m learning will be a great benefit in the future.

You can hear me on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm on Triple U FM –

  • North: 92.3 FM
  • Central: 104.5 FM
  • South: 99.7 FM
  • Digital: ‘Triple U’

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