Guess who’s going to India?

A video I made at the beginning of last week discussing 40K and my trip to India in January, 2016 🙂

Feeling super excited!

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24 hours: Thessaloniki to Istanbul

It took us almost 24 hours to close the gap between Thessaloniki and Istanbul.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.12.59 pm

The trip from Thessaloniki to Istanbul according to Google Maps

This is a trip, that according to google maps, should take no more than 6-and-a-half hours. However, as I told Brock Walsh in a recent interview, it was far from the simple trip that we had been promised.

It’s now almost 6 months since I’ve been back from Europe and speaking to Brock reminded of how many crazy things that happened while we were away. Spending a night stuck in Greek train station definitely makes the list.

As our group of gap year travellers began to split in late October, two of my friends, Alice and Taylor, and I made our way through Greece, planning to a dead line in order to make a flight we had booked from Istanbul to Budapest. Like most of our trip, we planned no more than 3 to 4 days in advance, making our decisions through online research and advice given to us by fellow travellers. However when ‘Googling’, “How to get from Athens to Istanbul?” the results appeared to be vague, but most highlighted Thessaloniki (Greece) as a necessary stepping stone.

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