Comic Relief: Lee Lin Chin takes on Australia’s News Teams

SBS New Reader, Lee Lin Chin

SBS New Reader, Lee Lin Chin

If you didn’t catch Lee Lin Chin‘s fight against some of Australia’s biggest news anchors, you definitely missed out.

Late last year, as a part of the final episode of ‘The Feed’, on SBS2, many of televisions biggest faces took part in an epic battle, including TEN Eyewitness News’ Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton, The TODAY SHOW’s Karl StefanovicLisa Wilkinson along with Richard Wilkins from Channel Nine; Channel Seven’s Derryn Hinch and ABC’s Juanita PhillipsSteve Cannane and Annabel Crabb.

It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen news readers take part in – but it’s hilarious! For those who have already seen it I’m sure you’d love to watch it again and for those who haven’t here it is:

Lee Lin Chin’s fight to the death in Broadcast Battleground.

You can thank me later…


Anti-Vaxxers slammed on Mediated Public Sphere

Q. What do ‘Q&A’ and ‘My Kitchen Rules’ have in common?

A. Both illustrate examples of a mediated public sphere.

The term ‘mediated public sphere’ was established in 1962 by Jürgen Habermas and Hannah Arendt (The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere), and is defined as “a conversational space in which citizens freely gather to debate matters of significance to the public”. Habermas pictured the public sphere as an 18th century coffee house in which citizens debate about common concerns, separate from the state and separate from the official economy.

Beginning our discussion public spheres in BCM110 a couple of weeks ago; it quickly became evident that this concept is not just important in media communications. A mediated public sphere offers a platform through which we can share our thoughts, opinions, enter into debates with others, and can vary in forms from trending #hastags to widely broadcasted television programs. Continue reading