JRNL101 | Student Interview with Birthe Skingen

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with 20 year-old Birthe Skingen, a vivacious student at UOW who is studying a Bachelor of Journalism. Birthe, or Brittany as her friends call her, moved from her hometown in Norway three months ago to start a course at UOW and follow her passion for sports Journalism.

I interviewed Birthe to find out more about her hometown, what she loves about her new home and what she is finding difficult since moving to Australia.

See Birthe on:

– WordPress: birtheskingen

– Twitter @bskingen


I Miss You feat. Atu by Ta-Ku – soundcloud.com/takugotbeats


JRNL101 | Student Portrait 3 – Introducing . . .


“It was painful… I couldn’t wait to start Journalism.”

18-year-old Cal Behrendt moved from Bathurst, at the beginning of 2014, to a new home and new course at UOW. With a love of sports like soccer and hockey, Cal joined the University’s hockey side, however spent one season on the team before deciding he wasn’t enjoying it.

 What he can say he is now enjoying, is finally beginning his second year at Uni, after an entire year of nothing but Law. He now has the freedom to start the second course in his double degree, Journalism, and it was clear from his smile that he is loving the new change.

Want to learn more about Cal? Click here for his WordPress blog.

– H. x

JRNL101 | Student Portrait 2 – Introducing . . .


“I’m a pretty competitive person..” admitted 18-year-old Brock Walsh.

Studying a Bachelor of Journalism, Brock balances Uni with his love for surf life saving, contributing 2 hours of his day, 6 days a week. For him, the best part is competing, and the best part of competing is winning.

In 2014 he competed with his team in Scarborough, Perth, and is looking forward to competing at the Australian titles in Queensland.

Though he might be a competitive sportsperson, it was clear to me that Brock is very down to earth, as he told me how his team have become lifelong friends.

“In order to compete, and win, it’s important to stay close.”

Want to know more about Brock? Click here for his WordPress blog.

– H. x

JRNL101 | Student Portrait 1 – Introducing . . .


“Uni is starting to take over.”

17-year-old Jade Fitzpatrick, from Campbelltown, is studying a Bachelor of Journalism/Media Communications and can often be found down at The Yard, relaxing with a beloved hazelnut milkshake.

Although more recently she has stopped participating in sport, Jade still stays active, hiking in Appin, which  is one of her favourite places to explore. She gleamed as she described the scenery, the river standing out as the spot she loves most, where kids can be found jumping from the cliffs into the water.

Jade never has though, confessing, “I’m too scared… I’m afraid of heights!”

Want to get to know Jade better? Click here for her WordPress blog.

– H. x

JRNL101 | Vox Pop 1 – What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?


There are few feelings better than when a friend or stranger gives you a compliment. Genuine compliments emphasis our strengths and often leave us feeling positive about ourselves, whether just for that day or months to come – either way, everyone loves to be given a great compliment.

So what’s your best? What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? I ask students from UOW to find out their answers.

Special thanks to Alex Debs, Amelia Crawford, Luke Simon and Alison Rytmeister who appear in this Vox Pop, and the various other interviewees. You were all great to work with and very helpful!

– H. x


Begginning to End by Ta-Ku – soundcloud.com/takugotbeats

Take a look: Nightcrawler (2014)

“…to capture the spirit of what we air, is think of our news cast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut.”

MV5BMjM5NjkzMjE5MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTMzNTk4MjE@._V1_SY1200_CR69,0,630,1200_AL_ I’d never seen a film quite like this. It’s the perfect dark and thrilling snapshot that manages to capture everything that can be wrong with the media. I work at a cinema, a job I absolutely love, so I knew about the upcoming release of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nightcrawler late last year. However I hadn’t heard much about the film… The trailer, which I saw again and again during each of my shifts, was gripping and intense, sparking my attention as something I might want to see if I could find some time. So when a group of my friends from work invited me to see it, I responded with an instant ‘hells yeah’! But it wasn’t at all what I’d expected… Nightcrawler is set in L.A and follows Lou Bloom a man who is desperate for work. Lou manages to force his way into criminal journalism, filming horrific events and accidents, as they happen, in order to sell the footage to the highest bidders – television stations grappling for graphic footage to boost viewer ratings. He blurrs the lines between documenting these crimes and taking part in them himself and is completely blinded by his growing success and ego as he partners with TV-news veteran Nina. 75Gyllenhaal’s character consumed me… a greasy, egotistical sociopath who holds no regard for human life. It was almost unbearable to watch his character who holds no morals and does anything to get the footage in order to make the money he wants – regardless of the cost to human life. As we began discussing “who owns the media?” in our Communications and Media lecture (BCM110), last week and “does it matter who owns the media?” I very quickly though of Nightcrawler. This film makes a very important message about the media and who controls it. It challenges us to think carefully about what we see and how it has been manufactured to make us view things in a certain way. This creates a question surrounding the reliability of the information we are given by the media, as it will always be influence by bias from those who control it. It is incredibly tempting to dive deeper, and continue writing but I know I’ll only end up ruining my next blog post which will discuss whether or not it matters who owns the media… Watch this space because my blog post about this will be up in the next day or so. I cannot recommend this film highly enough, especially for Journalism and Media Communications students! But also if you feel like being challenged to think about much darker areas within the media world… or just feel like watching a movie that will keep you transfixed, leaning forward and desperate to know what’ll happen next… Take a look at the trailer below and enjoy! 🙂 – H. x

ReferenceIMDb – Nightcrawler (2014)

“Every fact is disputable. There is no such thing as truth.”

Today during my first lecture for Government, Power and Political Systems (POL150) our lecturer said something I found very interesting:

“Every fact is disputable. There is no such thing as truth.”

There was something about this statement that I absolutely loved. Probably because I feel like it’s a quote that urges me to not simply be contempt and agree with the information we are provided in the media This is something I want both my reader and I to keep in mind as I start this blog and continue to develop it over next couple of years.

It’s exciting to start something for the first time, and for me this week it’s been several things. First day at University. First lecture. First tutorial. And now first blog. It’s all apart of my progress into developing a career in Journalism, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for the past six or seven years now. This is what I want to do.

IMG_4500As for introductions, well, my name is Hannah! Welcome! I’m nineteen years old and I finished high school just over a year ago. I spent just under eight months at the beginning of 2014 working, often fourteen hour days, in order to save for another passion of mine – travelling. I know many people either, aren’t interested in, or don’t like the idea of, a “Gap Year” but it was something that I’ve always wanted to do and found incredibly beneficial. Not only was I able to spend three months travelling around Europe with four of my closest friends; prove to myself that I could independently save the money I needed for my trip, but also felt that my ambition to go to university and become a journalist grew even stronger. I mean, I love travelling, and I love journalism! Why not do both, right?

So now I’m here: sitting on a slightly over air-conditioned train between the busyness of Wollongong and my picturesque home of Berry, hoping that someone is actually reading this and if I’ve at least succeeded in that, that you’re as excited as me to see where this will all end up.