JRNL101: A Shade of Red – Renee Middlemost

“It’s either a love or a hate. There’s nothing in the middle. People come up to you, and either say, ‘I love your hair so much’, or else you’ll be walking down the street, and people will be yelling out crazy abuse at you.”

After dyeing her hair a different colour, every six months, for most of her life, 34 year-old, Renee Middlemost, loves her current shade of red. “Red has been the longest-term commitment I’ve had,” she joked. “Nearly two years. I know – it’s a long relationship.


“I don’t understand why other people aren’t as respectful,” 34 year-old Renee Middlemost explained.

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Guess who’s going to India?

A video I made at the beginning of last week discussing 40K and my trip to India in January, 2016 🙂

Feeling super excited!

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JRNL101 | Student Life Post 2



What do ‘Alison Wonderland’, ‘Ball Park Music’, ‘Delta Riggs’ and ‘Art vs. Science’ have in common? UOW’s adored UniBar.

It certainly isn’t any form of campus secret but morning and night you can assure UniBar is humming with lively conversation as students of all ages gather, sharing food, drink and stories…. But mainly drink…

Out the back on the veranda the sun is warm and the drinks are cold, a blissful feeling after a long day of study, what could be better? Not much, but the pounding bass and music in your ears at the ‘End of Exams Party’ that UniBar holds each June comes pretty close…

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JRNL101 | Student Life Post 1



Located in P4 – the Western Carpark at UOW – students often long for that slice of fulfilment which can only be satisfied by pulling into a space at carpool parking. Parking is a common struggle shared by all who drive to UOW.

Whether with your friends, or a group who have met through ‘Carpoolworld’, carpooling is an enjoyable, environmentally friendly way to travel – and best of all – IT’S FREE! By having 3 or more people in your car when you arrive on campus, you can almost guarantee you’ll be met by friendly faces who will hand you a free pass to park for the day…

The catch? You have to wake up early enough.